Has jake given any info on the 360?

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25-11-2005 06:53:31

I know he said a few days ago he would, maybe i just missed it. I hope its something like all pre-ordes will be fulfilled before dec 20


25-11-2005 08:01:43

nope still waiting


25-11-2005 08:08:52

Well they should be in the office today hopefully, and maybe he will give us some insight.


25-11-2005 10:07:28

He's only a couple days late. D


25-11-2005 11:46:37

i thought he did on another forum....saying that microsoft isnt sending them out and that gratis just isnt getting the 360's from their suppliers, but that they are working on it as fast as they come. i think he mentioned the beginning of december would be the next time they would have a chance


25-11-2005 12:43:40

If they can't fulfill our order.. They should just give us an option of $400 + USD shipping paypal.. enough with waiting on suppliers if they don't want to co-op with freepay and someone else.


25-11-2005 12:47:28

Well, considering Sears had them for sale online the other day...

They could also use their 20 employees to camp outside of stores when they are getting new shipments.


25-11-2005 13:00:29

Yeah.. like they'd be THAT loyal to our customers.. Especially since they are all millionaires lol


25-11-2005 15:07:33

ALL of them are millionaires? Even Jake?


25-11-2005 16:30:53

Especially Jake. He's a bajillionaire.

They'd never offer a paypal option; we'll just have to be patient.


28-11-2005 07:59:26

[quote39060f8b6f="J4320"]ALL of them are millionaires? Even Jake?[/quote39060f8b6f]

If I were, I would have already retired. lol


28-11-2005 15:13:09

[quoteedcd568a89="Jake"][quoteedcd568a89="J4320"]ALL of them are millionaires? Even Jake?[/quoteedcd568a89]

If I were, I would have already retired. lol[/quoteedcd568a89]