Anyone do rhapsody lately? or any other instant offers?

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23-11-2005 17:29:51

I'm just wondering if rhapsody is truely instant ...or if there really are any out there. thanks


23-11-2005 17:34:33

Rhapsody has changed. Now you gotta PURCHASE the service for a month. The Real Gaming offer is pretty fast. Rhapsody used to be instant.


23-11-2005 17:38:58

so is rhapsody no longer instant...i need an offer that is completely instant. any of them such as bestdeals2u ...anything input would be helpful thanks.


23-11-2005 17:43:19

Well bestdeals2u is instant. I know that. I don't know how legit it is. Never done it, people have said it is instant. Why instant?


23-11-2005 17:47:46

idono if i can doing a conga

im leaning towards doing that offer anyway because it sounds like it would be instant. Real rhapsody says instant but didnt credit for my friend until 10 days were up. video professor also took a while.. how recently did u hear about the best deals being free.


27-11-2005 19:20:18

I had a referral do this offer on sat. and it did not credit instantly.


27-11-2005 19:44:10

did it last week, got credited in less than 6 hours


27-11-2005 19:51:15

Instant offer? I didn't know there was such a thing. wink


27-11-2005 20:02:34

[quotec29bb93408="Iloveipods2"]did it last week, got credited in less than 6 hours[/quotec29bb93408]

Did you do the offer on a weekend? And did you intstall the software? I believe my referral downloaded it, and yet there's no credit. Hm.


27-11-2005 20:18:14

guys, just because it says instant, it doesn't mean INSTANT. You will be credited, hopefully

patience is virtue


28-11-2005 09:12:07

bestdeals2u is a great offer, credits well but of course had to wait through the weekend.