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23-11-2005 15:32:14

On I currently have 17 of 8 greens completed my offer and never got credit sent it in after 15 days and i got credit then i requested approval now its the 7th day my account is on hold i submitted a ticket to freepay and
anyone else knows what the heck is wrong ?
i followed all the rules and everything didnt break there TOS .. i believe its bs
i hope jake gives me a explaination on why my account is on hold lol i gave them 9 extra referrals thats more money to them ....


23-11-2005 15:34:03

PM jake, he's very reasonable. <3 jake )


23-11-2005 15:47:21

thank you lol i just PM'ed Jake and added a support ticket on freepay
I GAVE them 9 extra legitimate greens only 8 were needed lol and i did complete my offer and got credit for it

so I will now just have to wait on what freepay or what jakes says about my account.

anybody think this is BS also ?


23-11-2005 16:01:36

I doubt freepay usually bluffs when they put someone on hold. It's hard for me to say this is BS, as if you did break their T&C then you aren't telling us something. I seriously doubt your issue is with your referrals though. Generally they put referrals on hold, not you if they don't think they are legitimate. PM Jake like everyone said.

Hope it all works out.


23-11-2005 16:39:54

i never break TOS i have like completed 3 freepay sites no problems
so i was suprised i was placed on hold like wtf !