Which laptop is best?

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23-11-2005 13:26:45

I'm curious to see which laptop you guys consider the best choice, and why.


23-11-2005 14:24:27

Like many other things that we want in life, like girlfriends, it all depends on how you will be using them twisted

I personally would prefer an apple laptop as they run the best for using digital editing programs such as photoshop, etc. they are amazingly fast compared to Windows OS.


24-11-2005 16:48:59

Yeah, I'm about to finish notebooks4free, so I'm not gonna do this site.

But like VrExe said, it all depends on how you're gonna be using it.

I'm gonna take 1k paypal from notebooks4free and I'm gonna find a good deal on a Centrino laptop because all I need is a good performance laptop with good battery life that can browse the internet a lot. That's all I basically use a computer for, the internet.


24-11-2005 17:17:29

Apple owns. But then again, like the user above, I use it for graphics and music and that is what Apple is best suited for.


24-11-2005 17:24:15

I would get the vaio from the freepay site, isnt this the best non-apple laptop.


24-11-2005 17:39:48

[quote7fafe2c73b="justinag06"]I would get the vaio from the freepay site, isnt this the best non-apple laptop.[/quote7fafe2c73b]

Yes. In my opinion it is the best non-Apple laptop. It is Apple's closest competitor as far as quality and software packages.


24-11-2005 18:24:48

Yeah I'd go with the vaio as well.


24-11-2005 19:59:43


Apple iBook

Gateway I couldn't find a review of this one.


I hope that helps somewhat.


24-11-2005 21:36:19

Vaio Fo shizzzllee!!!


25-11-2005 10:00:54

im deff going with the VAIO


27-11-2005 06:25:56

I keep hearing IT DEPENDS ON WHAT YOU USE IT FOR. There used to be a time when this statement was totally true! But now.....

This is only true if you have to run Apple only programs like Final CUt Pro, Otherwise the top of the line Vaio stacks up equally to the Apple any day.

I work on a apple (which is also a great machine) at work and theres no speed difference. JUST KEEP CRAP OFF YOUR COMPUTER AND YOULL BE FINE!

None of my Vaios every stopped performing. So ive never talked to their customer service). THEY ARE GREAT WITH PHOTOSHOP, FLASH 8, DV EDITING , 3D MUSIC, and whatever else you can throw at it. And there very well made.


27-11-2005 08:14:31

Why is the Toshiba Satellite M45-S169 not getting any love?


27-11-2005 09:29:13

thanks jump


27-11-2005 09:30:45

Viao,for sure!!


27-11-2005 15:42:11

[quote7d60e68a69="mr0x"]Why is the Toshiba Satellite M45-S169 not getting any love?[/quote7d60e68a69]

1.5 hour battery life (


27-11-2005 17:06:57

What are the retail prices on each of these laptops?


27-11-2005 17:16:36

I think between $900 and $1100 or there-abouts.


27-11-2005 17:38:37

I looked up most of the prices, they are all almost exactly $1000 each, which makes sense, 20 refs x $50 per lead=$1000.