premiumipods if you already did photoipods

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23-11-2005 04:24:13

I wouldl ike to get a premiumipod, but I already received a photo ipod. Freepay seems to have just "renamed" their photo ipod site to premiumipod (says this on the main site for premiumipods). So when I try to register as a new user using the email address that I normally use for these things it thinks I have already have a premium ipod.

I can easily just register using another user id (email) - BUT I know freepay rules are "only one per us address"... so if I register again with the same address as I did before, will I be setting myself up for rejection?

Has anyone who has received a photoipod signed up for premiumipod?


23-11-2005 08:02:28

The websites are the same; signing up for it again is against the TOS