Video Professor Online no credit or conformation email...

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22-11-2005 16:34:32

I signed up for the new PS3 site and have gotten no conformation email or credit yet but I can login and do the lessons (I'm learning about eBay right now). Is anyone else having this problem?


22-11-2005 16:44:12

I got credit, but no comfirmation email.


22-11-2005 16:45:47

[quote363e7b9834="shortys408"]I got credit, but no comfirmation email.[/quote363e7b9834]

FUCK! I know I'm going to have to wait now (


22-11-2005 17:00:07

i didnt do the online vid prof.


22-11-2005 17:03:49

[quotedef869524e="shortys408"]i didnt do the online vid prof.[/quotedef869524e]

LOL! http//[" alt=""/imgdef869524e]


22-11-2005 18:26:12

no credit or email confirmation here either


22-11-2005 20:28:38

No credit but I got a confirmation e-mail.

I initially did InstantCast which was suposed to be instant, wasn't instant worth shit. So I did another offer since I'm on the Conga at A4F and I wanted to get in the next group but that wasn't instant either.

I too can log in and I did get an e-mail, but no credit.

It sucks hairy balls because I basically did 3 offers, between 2 sites and none of them are greening, which means I probably won't get anywhere on the Conga, so it's all fucked.

The lessons seem quite good though shrug


22-11-2005 20:33:52

Are you allowed to discuss Congas here?


22-11-2005 20:55:23

Yeah, you just can't post links to them or to Conga sites.


22-11-2005 21:51:57

No email, no green. I might do another offer...


22-11-2005 23:23:09

Someone on the Conga on A4F greened within about 20 minutes, but a ref of mine did it on a Freepay site a couple of months ago and greened the day after the trial expired.


22-11-2005 23:24:53

Shite. Thanks for the info...