Does Freepay Still Send Confirmation E-mail?

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22-11-2005 11:29:02

I started my freeipod thingy ages ago under gratis & only need two folks left to complete. I went to through the Freepay system, and signed up with a new e-mail to see if anything had changed, and it seems as if they don't send a confirmation e-mail anymore to the e-mail address you signed up with.

I've got a friend who is ready to complete an offer, and I don't want to screw it up - do they still send confirmation e-mails?

Thanks much,



22-11-2005 11:39:59

First of all, from what I understood, you signed up again? That might cause you a problem because they make sure you're not creating mutiple accounts on their sites.

Second, are you talking about the confirmation e-mail to varify your e-mail address with Freepay? I know that when I did, they never sent me an e-mail and had to manually confirm my e-mail address. You do that by going to th FAQ, which you should have done, and the verify e-mail link.

Other than that, you might want to explain again, because there are lots of e-mails you might be talking about.


22-11-2005 11:48:52

I signed up with a rarely used e-mail, fake name & address just to go through the steps so I could explain directions properly to my friend. I'm never going to use it again or try to recruit through it or get free stuff - it was just to see if everything was the same as it had been.

Went to help site and clicked on the "my e-mail has not been verified" and sent an e-mail, as they requested. I think you gave me the info I need.


22-11-2005 12:01:32

I wouldn't be surprised if you get put on hold.


22-11-2005 12:38:44

Hope not - not trying to abuse system; just wanted to get their rigid rules straight so I could play by them.


22-11-2005 13:55:21

yeah, but they also say "walking" people through it is against their terms.. this might constitute that...