Staff of FreePay, read. There's a problem.

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21-11-2005 13:09:26

Ok look, I have an account at FreePay, had it since like April. I completed an offer that same week that I got it registered. Then after that I had no time to try and get referrals so I abandoned the account. Then like this month, I came back to it to finish some offers. I finished the offer I had to finish and got 2 offers done by referrals and got more people in the 'yellow' state that may go green.

The problem is, is that I went to another computer somewhere else to sign in, I forgot, for a second, to click on "Member Login" THEN sign in there. So instead I sign in through the "sign UP" form. Then it redirected me back to my account, and I checked, and it said
Your Status

You have not yet completed the full requirements.[/quote5ba4d5c83e]


Even my damn referral number changed. Any staff member of freepay can get my account back? I can give you all the account info and even the confirmation mail from when I first signed up there.

My account number is 17425577, well WAS 17425577.


21-11-2005 14:05:23

PM Jake with your problem. Jake will not answer user-specific problems in the forum itself.


21-11-2005 15:12:09

Yeah, thanks. He PMed me.


21-11-2005 21:10:46

OK, 1st off, if you have an account at for example, if you click on someones ref link for freeipods, and enter your log in information on the sign-up page, it won't create another account. It should either only take you to your account, or it won't let you sign up again.

If you entered different info (i.e. not your login information) on the signup page, then it may have logged you in but not made a new account.

As for your referrals missing and having a different ref link, I have no idea and PM'ing Jake is probably the best thing that you did.