Live forum:


21-11-2005 12:51:21

well i have been doing off and on for almost 2 years. i would get a ref then not get any for a while. well, i finally am "waiting for approval today" D thanks for all the help i got off this site.


21-11-2005 13:04:51

Help with only one post which is what you just posted?


21-11-2005 13:05:42

been browsing the forums for a while now. decided i should make an account and become part of the community.


21-11-2005 22:35:27

Hmmm, I see wink


21-11-2005 22:50:08

Awkward moment?


21-11-2005 22:54:56

Yea, tell me about it. LOL!! I need to get to bed, im not making no damn since, but hey alot of people think I dont even when im awake so might as well stay up.