I am really hating freepay right now.

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19-11-2005 17:05:36

I know most of you guys are loving freepay, and I used to be one, but I am really getting pissed at this company now.

After almost a month I was able to get enough people signed up for freeipods.com and freegamingsystems.com. I reffered only family members who all lived in seperate households. They all have seperate mailing addresses, seperate emails, seperate credit cards, the whole shebang.

Well on freegamingsystems, two of my relatives were put on hold. Why? The only reason I can come up with is that they both had similar (not the same) email addresses. Well they've both put in help tickets to try and get this cleared up. Almost a week later, they're accounts are put on hold on freeipods too, most likely I think because their accounts were already on hold on freegamingsystems.

Well one of my relatives managed to get his account taken off of hold on freegamingsystems, and his credit received back. But they won't take him off hold for freeipods? What the hell? If he's good on one site why the hell shouldn't he be good on the other?

Add to this the fact that two more relatives were put on hold on freeipods afterwards. Why? I have no fucking clue. Freepay sure as hell isn't gonna say anything other than they do not appear to be unique users.

I'm just pissed off because none of us were trying to scam freepay. We all tried to do it legit, now all but one of my refs are put on hold on freeipods.

Freepay really gots some sort of racket goin on. It seems the only way to learn how to do their sites is to fail a few times. The only people who seem to have no problems doing a freepay site are the ones who have already done it before. There is no learning curve. Hell, none of us even know what the fuck we did wrong. Since this is pretty much a pyramid scheme anyways, they don't owe us anything.

If anyone new is reading this I wouldn't recommend doin any free site. It's all just a giant pain in the ass and is gonna take a couple months of your time at least. You'd be better off just working for the damn item you want and buying it on your own.

It's no wonder freepay makes so much money. I've read from lots of other "Casual" people who've posted on here, who tried to refer just friends and family and lots of em ended up in trouble. The only people who seem to have a relatively easy time to me, are the guys who pay for their refs.

I'm not giving up yet though. I got my refferals still sending in help tickets, saying Freepay needs to take a real look at their accounts. I've told some of them to PM jake cuz he seems like a good guy. But seriously, this is just BS.

One last thing. It's real salt in the wound to see all of you guys get your free items while I'm stuck in this hell. I'm glad for you guys, I really am, but I'm jealous as well.


19-11-2005 17:16:50

If you do it proper, you should never get in trouble. I'd contact the user on this forum "Jake" via PM and he should be able to help you out better than most support people.


19-11-2005 17:22:58

I've contacted him a couple times on this. Thing is, I'm not in trouble. I've never been placed on hold on either accounts. All jake says to me is have my refs send in the help tickets since they are the ones on hold.

One of my refs sent jake a PM but he says he never got a reply. Of course, it was regarding his being on hold for freegamingsystems, and he did in fact get placed off of hold for that site. So maybe Jake did help on that one, but we'll never likely know.

However, like I said above, this same ref hasn't been taken off of hold for freeipods. Freepay sent him a msg saying that they chose not to take him off hold. Why? If he's good on freegamingsystems, why the hell isn't he for freeipods?


Also someone Pm'd me saying that he has had similar problems with his Girlfriend and her dad. They signed up under him, and they both live in seperate households and used different Credit cards and all that. He was thinking maybe it was because they both had the same last name. Perhaps that is the problem here.

All of my refs have the same last name too. That's the only reason I can think of why they are all on hold. Plus they got put on hold two at a time.

First two were put on hold on freegamingsytems, then two others got put on hold on freeipods, then the two who were already on hold for gamingsystems got put on hold for freeipods. Then one of the two from freegamingsystems got his account off of hold, but only for freegamingsytems.


19-11-2005 20:55:51

yeah everyonce in a while someone that gets only family member signups gets put on hold, i bet it's because of same last names or similar e-mail addresses


19-11-2005 22:01:57

i never use family members.

My advice is never get family members to do these things.


20-11-2005 10:14:54

I am the person who contacted the person with this problem. My 2 referrals had the same last name and I think that is why they are on hold but I told them to contact freepay like freepay told me to do and now I am waiting. Hopefully they will see that no one I referred is scamming them and I get the iPod that I worked for and earned. Jake is a cool guy and he is willing to help with pretty much anything. He told me to tell my referrals to contact Freepay but on at least two other occasions he has taken care of problems for me directly and quickly.


20-11-2005 20:27:00

yes, don't be bad mouthing Jake people


20-11-2005 21:13:54

[quotebae800faba="mpbollywoodking"]yes, don't be bad mouthing Jake people[/quotebae800faba]

I don't think anyone was badmouthing Jake. He seems like a good guy who tries to help. I'm just frustrated at freepay.


21-11-2005 09:25:34

I have referred family members and friends without any problems. Perhaps there's an issue under the surface that you haven't recognized yet.

I hope you get your problems worked out, and that you get your freebies.


21-11-2005 09:29:32

I think some snag and some don't. Hopefully it will get worked out.


21-11-2005 15:19:23

Haha, you got a point. Or what you could do is get a job, or some money, then finish an offer yourself, and then PAY people to finish offers through referrals. That way, you spend some, but you gain a lot more.

That's a better strategy of getting referral offers completed. That, trading for referrals (for other referrals, other items, etc.), scamming or by luck.


21-11-2005 16:28:56

I hope this gets worked out. It's a shame when FreePay messes these things up.

However, they've been nothing but faithful to me.


23-11-2005 16:20:30

[quote5cbe017910="slinky_"]I hope this gets worked out. It's a shame when FreePay messes these things up.

Yah it especially sucks when freepay won't even fix there own goddamn mistakes.

They already have denied to take 2 of my refferals off of hold. I know they didnt take a real look at them because they sent them both the same cookie-cutter bullshit auto-reply.


24-11-2005 00:38:49

i referred my mom (same last name, different everything else) for 2 sites and i got approved on both of them, her account was fine. i dunt think its a last name thing


24-11-2005 01:16:45

I've used my Mom and my sister and have had 0 problems. Maybe you did something wrong and didn't realize it...


24-11-2005 09:39:23

I think they pick and choose. Auto-reply responses without a real explanation of why a person was put on hold doesn't really help prove otherwise.