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18-11-2005 11:55:19

Ok, so youve probably stumbled in here, looked at my trading record and said "pff" who's he kidding , right?

Well normally you'd be right, in fact you'd be smart to go by that , but im not a scammer nor am i bullshitting about my offer.

Im the Admin at a site called whereas (for all who dont know) we've been providing all the latest DvD's/Screeners/Games/Albums/Applications/E-books and much more for awhile now.

The basics of the promo is that we are providing you (the user) withthe ability to own a Physical Copy of any Movie/Game/Album/App on the site for free as long as you complete an offer!

This is also not a new promotional since it has been used before on the site through our members , however , i thought it would be a good opportunity to as well extend this promo to the members of FIPG ( which was my first home).

So there it is , im aware of the rules so im not going to spam my ref link or anything but i would like to encourage you to visit the site & give the promo some thought.

Gifts are shipped via UPS as soon as your offer goes green 8) .

Note This Promo is only available for a limited time.

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18-11-2005 14:49:59

There's already the same thread in Off-Topic.