Created 2 accounts - but only wish to use one

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18-11-2005 09:53:38

Can someone give me some advice on this situation?

I created 2 accounts for premiumipods.freepay. I completed an offer under one of them, the one I wish to keep, the other one I wish to close or cancel.

If I can't get them to cancel, will it effect the person I did the referral for?

Appreciate any info.



18-11-2005 10:05:53

as long as you don't do anything with the second account, you are fine. and btw this belongs in the freepay section, not trades. If you'd search there you'd find lots of people asking this same question. Oh and if you do OC sites they aren't as accepting with with this kind of thing.


18-11-2005 15:18:57

isn't this the freepay discussion section?

Thanks for the heads up about OC, but I don't plan on doing any of their sites