Nanos for Canadians.

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17-11-2005 15:09:06

So I have been processing for a while now... I asked them how long it would be and they replied

[quote56740da6b9]At this time we are waiting for our shipment to come in for both the white and black ipod nanos. Your order is pending at this time which means we are working on processing your order. This usually takes 3 to 5 business days, but can take more time due to high volume or account verification. THank you[/quote56740da6b9]

So Im guessing they will ship them as soon as they get their shipment in.


17-11-2005 15:47:05

I see ?


18-11-2005 02:54:11

freepay needs to add more canadian offer to their sites and let them stay there for at least a week...


18-11-2005 07:19:38

[quote033f88c200="deletrius"]..and let them stay there for at least a week...[/quote033f88c200]

lol thats it right..


19-11-2005 01:56:21

i was planning on doing the video professor offer (appeared on FRIDAY), but it was really late (2am)
so I decided to do it tomorrow (SAT) and then it wasn't there anymore...
didn't even stay on the site for at even 24 hours


23-11-2005 12:53:58

I was processing on November 7th. Have any Canadians gone STV after that time?


23-11-2005 15:04:43

I am waiting to get my account approved since november 1 2005.

They replied me on the november 17 2005

Please be patient. Because we approve each account individually, on a first come-first serve basis, this may sometimes take longer than the stated time. We are also currently experiencing an influx of accounts submitted for approval. Thank you for your cooperation.

We are sorry for the delay. Unfortunately due to such high levels of fraud we are forced to be very cautious in approving accounts. We have to approve accounts individually on first-come-first-serve basis. Please be patient. We are trying our best to approve our great customers. This may sometimes take longer than the stated time. Thank you for your cooperation.

Do you know what is going on? It's been almost a month now