i need your advice

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17-11-2005 13:28:37

so two weeks ago i submitted for approval on the desktop site and got put on hold. so i talked to them and gave them some info on me and they said they would review my acocunt and get back t me. that was two weeks ago...would it be better to just keep waiting or to ask them about it? i thought it might make them like mad or something if i asked.

this has happened like twice before and they end up approving me so i don't know what to do.



17-11-2005 13:55:18

As usual the response to this has got to be talk to Jake. Jake is our local freepay rep and he gets things done for you. He has helped many of us, so just pm him.


17-11-2005 15:53:57

Skeet, whos alt are you?
You've only been here 8 days now, and apparently you know everything about the site.


17-11-2005 23:43:02

Garber, take it easy on the guy hes just trying to help, u big bully, lol.Yea anderson, Jake would be the best solution to this problem just contact him via pm.


18-11-2005 00:11:22

Not being a bully, I'm pointing out the obvious )
He speaks like someone whos been here a while.


18-11-2005 06:57:00

Goofy - it happens. Theres people who come in for the first time and put up a trading thread looking for their last 3 refs.

Go figure, most people who do these sites aren't on FiPG.


18-11-2005 14:45:09

Yeah lots of people only use FiPG and would appear the same way as Skeet on A4F. Alot of people only use A4F and come here and although they are newbies to us, it oesn't mean they are new to the whole scene.

As for the original poster, I'd say contact jake and if still no reply, contact the site again. I mean what's the worst that could happen? You're on hold anyway, and they might just forget about certain issues sometimes so contacting them, may give them a kick in the arse.


18-11-2005 16:45:24

thanks for the help!


18-11-2005 21:58:40

No problem