What site should FreePay do next?

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17-11-2005 10:59:36

If you choose Other, please be specific in a post.


17-11-2005 11:59:59

I wish we could vote for two; paypal and laptops.

But since I'm certain they won't give paypal, I'll vote laptops. Mac laptops.

There have been a bunch of threads like this already.


17-11-2005 12:18:04

PS3. I won't do xBox 360 because I am waiting for the PS3. PS3 > xBox 360. Sony owns.


17-11-2005 14:08:03

i definitely want a laptop site. Ibooks, powerbooks Dells Oh My!


17-11-2005 17:59:54

ps3 of course


17-11-2005 19:31:55



18-11-2005 07:55:39

Is there anything out there for itunes? something like 3 referrals for 100 iTunes downloads would be aight.


18-11-2005 09:16:54

there are itunes sites, I'm not sure what they are.

OK well PS3 isnt even a question, its just a matter of when.

I vote laptops, then plasmas. I don't see any site offering a decent plasma TV for a resonable ammount of referrals. I'd rather have a DLP tv than a plasma anyways, but I would like to see a new large referral site.


18-11-2005 12:20:17

I voted laptops but I would love to see a nice DLP site as well.


18-11-2005 15:10:47

u need to add Nintendo's Revolution


18-11-2005 15:36:07

like routers, harddisks, vga cards, usb mega hard disks


21-11-2005 09:35:19

Laptops, hands down. I share a computer with other people, and it seems I'm fixing problems they cause day in and day out, reformatting the hd on a bi-monthly basis at minimum. I just want them to go ahead and destroy this thing while I sit over in free laptop heaven.

2nd choice Plasma/LCD TV's, smaller ones would actually be preferred for me since I already have a beautiful 42".