Delays in going green for freepay?

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17-11-2005 08:57:07

I have signed up for 3 different freepay sites recently (1-2 weeks ago) and signed up for offers that say 2-3 days to complete (, video professor and a few others) but nothing is turning green other than the nano site which only took a few days.

I also did a trainn site awhile back and that went green right away.

Is anyone else noticing this? Or maybe is it just some delay with my offers. I am waiting on them to go green so I can have some trades go green for me and it is frustrating to wait so long (


17-11-2005 08:59:07

my rhapsody got credit on the 10th business day. Or 15 regular days


17-11-2005 09:05:20

The 15 day rule applies here.


17-11-2005 10:45:25

start collecting refferals as soon as possible dont wait till your initial offer goes green.


17-11-2005 13:11:11

Same here. The last few referrals that I've gotten haven't greened quickly at all. I'm waiting on my last one for nanos and one of the last ones for psps to go green. It's been about 13 days on both. Luckily the 15th day falls on a Saturday (sarcasm), so the soonest that the manual credit will hit is next week sometime. Other sites are much quicker.


17-11-2005 19:56:29

Tomorrow is the 15th day for one of mine so hopefully it will credit then, it not I guess I just need to try and submit a request for manual credit but it seems kind of shady, some of my referrals might forget and then they never go green even though they do fill out an offer. Seems like you have to really pay attention and put a lot of time into tracking things


17-11-2005 20:06:04

I wonder what's going on with the delays. Maybe Freepay has issues contacting their offer providers.


18-11-2005 08:13:39

It must be something going on over there, I have now 10 referrals for a few different freepay sites and all have been yellow some even signed up about 3 weeks ago and have emailed thier customer service but are still yellow.


18-11-2005 08:36:01

same thing with me. friend of mine did myink (1-2 days), been almost a week.


18-11-2005 14:34:44

How long does it normally take once you submit for manual credit.

24 hours?


18-11-2005 16:08:53

i just greened on my friends site , and everything went fine. i did this at my fathers house.


19-11-2005 01:32:28

same here, waiting on 3 sites to go green no cred yet (


19-11-2005 12:32:35

I think Freepay is busy themselves with the Xbox 360 orders (November 22nd). They may have some issues getting a hold of them or something.


19-11-2005 13:17:34

i signed up for 2 trainn sites this week and those were credited almost right away


20-11-2005 20:39:23

Also how long does it take for them to respond to you when you put a request in? I put in a request on the 16th and no answer yet?


21-11-2005 09:34:23

Manual credit has taken anywhere from 5 minutes to one day for me...


21-11-2005 13:56:02

how do you submit for manual credit? i 'm an idiot

"NOTE Please select an Offer Type.
Please enter the approximate date of completion."

what does that mean? when submitting a customer service ticket.
I don't see a field where I can select this. doesn't come up right with firefox.


21-11-2005 22:58:03

Yeah they do seem to be taking long and i'm pretty sure a few of mine have been past the 15 day mark...