New offer: Gameblast

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16-11-2005 15:18:08

Anybody tried it yet?

It seems pretty good, plus i would really like to try out that poker superstars game

i can only see it on my ipods account

liplease jake put it on gamingsystems! I've been looking for an offer I would actually want to try out and this seems like the one for me


16-11-2005 15:21:30

Gamingsystems site has been discontinued!!!!!!


16-11-2005 15:25:29



jan, shut the fuck up.


16-11-2005 15:29:04

back to my original question

anyone try it yet?


16-11-2005 15:47:04

Hey, goofygarber....i pm'ed u a little somtin. Since im not going to be a in mature little bitch like you and talk shit to people through other peoples topics.Sorry for the wasteful post that goofygarber and myself have placed within ur topic.

Hope u find someone who has done that offer and can help you out!!!!


16-11-2005 17:07:04

I talked to you )


16-11-2005 20:59:23

Yea, me and Goofygarber are cool now!!!! D


17-11-2005 12:27:21

K I can sleep now. Now back to the original question, has anyone tried this offer and if so, how good is it as far as crediting and ease of use? This offer actually interests me as well and it comes in time especially when they took superpass off.


17-11-2005 14:28:30

How many kids are on this forum?

lishakes head side to sideli

I have not tried it yet. What are the details for receiving credit?


17-11-2005 14:46:49

10 day free trial

also, it is instant credit

although i just did it and i haven't received credit yet, so i'm pretty bummed


17-11-2005 14:55:42

Ok, I signed up, too. Yeah, I didn't receive instant credit either. We will see.


17-11-2005 19:40:22

Okay you are my test bunnies. No offense. Post back up here when you receive credit because I think I am going to do this offer.


17-11-2005 20:06:28

Will do.


18-11-2005 08:31:19

i also had two others sign up under me on the gameblast offer. one signed up last night, the other this morning. ill post when something/anything happens.


18-11-2005 09:09:13

Well, it's 1210 EST time right now, and nothing has happened.


18-11-2005 13:14:38

Hmm... so much for INSTANT. I don't know of any Freepay offers that are instant. I know TRAINN has some but Freepay only has ones that will credit in like a day or so but none that are instant, that I know of. Anywhoo, keep me posted!


18-11-2005 15:08:49

finally some offers that i can get on board with.

what is the cost of this offer?


18-11-2005 15:13:19

[quote8867eb5f09="n3il89"]10 day free trial

also, it is instant credit

although i just did it and i haven't received credit yet, so i'm pretty bummed[/quote8867eb5f09]

How much? Read the postsssss...


18-11-2005 18:06:10

... so no one got credited yet?


18-11-2005 21:49:20

1250 ET. still no greens. shrug


18-11-2005 22:14:39

I did it on freeflatscreens and a ref did it on gamingsystems for me, both tonite, so I'll see what happens.


19-11-2005 07:25:03

I did that offer on the minimac site on the 17th. Still no credit.


20-11-2005 16:57:40

got a ref that did it on premiumipods no credit yet.


20-11-2005 20:09:36

come on guys, it may take 15 days max for credit, just because it says instant doesn't mean "instant"


20-11-2005 20:12:13

Then it shouldn't say instant. My opinion of course.


20-11-2005 21:35:09

Did it yesterday, no credit yet.


21-11-2005 10:06:58

damn it just disappeared from premiumipods.


22-11-2005 13:04:26

it is gone from freegamingsystems

i still haven't gotten credit and i was one of the first to ever do it, this sux (although the poker game is pretty tight)


22-11-2005 17:41:18

Has anyone gotten credit for this offer yet?


25-11-2005 19:52:10

Anyone get green on this one yet? Or is it a one week credit even if it said instant credit?


26-11-2005 07:55:22

blah, looks like manual credit. Now I have to convince my ref to submit for this........he probably thinks this is a scam now.


26-11-2005 17:35:59

So how long do you think the wait will be?


26-11-2005 20:26:45

i did the offer on free ps3's got credited the next day


26-11-2005 21:05:27

Ya'll aren't talking about Real Gamepass are you? Because I keep looking and have never seen the offer mentioned.

I did do gamepass though on PS3 it credited next day.


27-11-2005 07:16:43

no, it is an offer called gameblast, you must have missed it

the parent company was shockwave

none of us have received credit yet


27-11-2005 09:22:09

glad I did then


28-11-2005 11:01:22

Went green on my Xbox 360 this morning. About a week.


28-11-2005 11:10:23

Yes I did go green ) for him ^^^ Did it on 11/21/05. lol


28-11-2005 12:25:47

i just got credit today also!! woohoo, about to get my PS2 and i'm gonna sell it!


29-11-2005 15:51:39

just got credit today. many other offers are faster, seeing that this one claims to be 'instant' yet it takes about a week.


29-11-2005 16:21:21

my ref did this long time ago and still no credit.


29-11-2005 16:59:27

I can't do this offer... it sucks, I think its because im using a prepaid credit card. It says it cant verify my address and stuff but they still bill me the dollar on my card...


29-11-2005 17:08:19

where do you still see this offer?


29-11-2005 17:52:49

I got credit for this offer a few days ago.


29-11-2005 19:42:10

/ Completed on the 19th and it still hasn't gone through for me.


29-11-2005 20:13:49

got creditted in about 10 business days


01-12-2005 18:52:23

my ref did it the 2nd day it was up. Did not get credit. I asked him to submit for manual credit but they never sent a verification email.


01-12-2005 19:22:07

[quote60ca076f15="shortys408"]my ref did it the 2nd day it was up. Did not get credit. I asked him to submit for manual credit but they never sent a verification email.[/quote60ca076f15]