Approved --> Received = 2 days!

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16-11-2005 11:18:52

I got approved on FreePSPs on the 14th. DHL just handeded it to me 5 minutes ago. It took 2 weeks to get approved, but only 2 days to receive it after that! Not bad.

Now, to keep it or to sell it? I was planning to ebay it, but is it worth it to keep it?


16-11-2005 13:00:11

what firmware version is it? If it is 2.0 or lower, it's definately worth keeping it and try it out. There are many homebrews for PSP including some old school game emulators like Super nintendo.

But if the firmware is above 2.01, I don't think it's worth keeping it as there are not many good games right now. I have a psp but don't play much because all the games right now are boring.


21-11-2005 09:44:42

[quotefb67434070="VrExe"]all the games right now are boring.[/quotefb67434070]

I could not agree more.