Credited for wrong account

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15-11-2005 18:06:47

I have been trading and I signed up for connections ent(the $25 walmart card) for my free360xbox accnt. also I signed up for freeipods a long time ago, and I am still waiting on one more refferal. I jsut checked my freeipods account today and it seems the offer I did for free360xbox got credited to my freeipods account cause the offer has red checks in it on my ipods acount. what should I do about this?


15-11-2005 18:18:58

I think the same thing happened to me. I did it in a trade for Nanos and I got credit for the regualar ipod, I'm sure I didn't use the wrong site, is there anyway we can find out?


15-11-2005 20:34:23

whoa, happened to me too, but i sent in a trouble ticket, had to wait 15 days though, and the problem was fixed afterwards )


15-11-2005 21:22:01

PM Jake. It happened to me a while back and he fixed it instantly.


16-11-2005 05:17:04

[quote5b7ae7f707="Veek"]PM Jake. It happened to me a while back and he fixed it instantly.[/quote5b7ae7f707]

Yep, have no fear, PM Jake, he fixed mine instantly


16-11-2005 07:49:36

Has anyone noticed that it is taking a long time to get credit for referrals these days?

I don't know, but I had four of my buddies do an offer, and it's been about a week since they have done it. So far, only one of them has been credited.


16-11-2005 09:07:53

well I pmed jake and now I don't see the credit on the wrong site, let's hope is shows up soon at the right one! D