Efax Plus offer

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14-11-2005 21:20:09

anyone done this recently, i need fast credit, and i'm actually interested in this offer. I really wanna get my xbox 360 before christmas but the little window that pops up when you click on the offer states that i'll have to stay a member for an entire month, which means i'll have to wait an entire month for approval, which most likely means i won't get my xbox 360 before christmas..... soooo how long does it take to credit now a days?


15-11-2005 14:07:24

I saw this offer had awesome ratings and was really quick with crediting but freepay now says that you have to stay on beyond the free trial period. Bogus.


16-11-2005 06:32:34

From what I'm reading, if you haven't ordered it yet, I doubt you'll get it before Xmas anyway.


16-11-2005 07:53:04

Yeah, considering that there is a shortage, I seriously doubt you will receive your Xbox 360 before Christmas.

Please beg your parents to buy one for you or buy one for yourself. It will be faster that way.