Real Superpass is the bomb.

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14-11-2005 15:23:57

So I decided to do freegamingsystems last night, right? I round up four friends, and they all sign up under me. Apparently, three of them did "Real Superpass" which I've not done yet but I had heard mixed things about, but I guess they thought it was rhapsody (which all my friends ask me for free trials for, go figure) and I checked just now, all three are green in about 12 hours )
Great offer, and apparently a cool service. Yay for freepay.


14-11-2005 17:19:37

NO THEY TOOK IT AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH JAKE MAKE THEM BRING IT BACK SO I CAN FINISH XBXO 360!!!!!!!!!!! i did real rhapsody and fell in love w/ it, but i want super pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


14-11-2005 17:24:44

I love rhapsody, I've stayed subscribing for months; its a great service.
Fyi yay for superpass being a free trial <3


14-11-2005 21:41:11

sweetness it 's on the offers page again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


15-11-2005 11:01:53

I'm waiting on a referral's green who did that offer on Thursday - looking like manual credit required here


15-11-2005 11:03:10

[quotec5b4506f47="doylnea"]I'm waiting on a referral's green who did that offer on Thursday - looking like manual credit required here[/quotec5b4506f47]

Damn, I misspoke. She's been credited - only two more greens for the Nano.


15-11-2005 14:06:04

If I signed up for Real Rhapsody back when they had it can I sign up for Superpass and get credit? I would be using the same credit card that I used for Real Rhapsody.


15-11-2005 16:53:30

Yeah, superpass is different than real rhapsody, i've done both offers

I did superpass awhile ago when it was 2-3 credit


15-11-2005 17:04:44

rhapsody has to do w/ music and superpass lets you access news and personal stuff. rhapsody(my favorite offer ever done sooooo worth $12 a month for!!) i'm still figureing out super pass. superpass works w/ rhapsody and gives you alotta special features


16-11-2005 13:33:05

Damn. I wish I would have known they were different. The offer is gone now. Now it is between Hoodia and eFax maybe.


16-11-2005 18:51:02

One of my friends did it on Sunday, and he still has not received credit for it. I wonder what is going on...


16-11-2005 22:28:30

Did he enable cookies, and use ie?? If not that could be the reason why.