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13-11-2005 15:43:24

Hey does anyone know how many referrals are needed for the Sony Cybershot DSCM1 on I am thinking about doing this site next and that one looks like the best option.

Also, is it just me or does anyone else see that no one ever does this site or desires to do it? I'm thinking either everyone has already done it or everyone already has a digital camera. I don't have one and that's why I want to do this next.


13-11-2005 15:43:38



13-11-2005 15:50:56

daaaammnn that's a lot. Have you done this site before? I am trying to figure out why no one talks about it or anything.


13-11-2005 16:05:30

I got the M1 from this site. Its great.


13-11-2005 16:15:37

Yeah, I really need to get a digital camera. Either this or a site for a new t.v. would have been my choice but I have a t.v. so I can make due even though it isn't a cool, big, flat screen.


13-11-2005 16:19:04

got some great moments captured with that camera lol.