Amazing free ipod shuffle surprise!

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12-11-2005 22:34:04

After placing my order on freeipodshuffles last week I got this e-mail

[quotea8f9ad416e]Thank you for your recent order on <http//> . Due to an overstock in inventory of the now discontinued iPod mini, we would like to offer you a one time chance of choosing to fulfill your order with the iPod mini (previously a five referral product valued at $249.00 MSRP) in your choice of blue, green, or pink as opposed to the iPod Shuffle.

Please reply to this email with your top 3 preferences (i.e. #1. Blue mini, #2. Pink mini, #3 iPod shuffle) and we will fulfill orders on a first-come, first-served basis based on limited inventory. If your first preference is out of stock by the time you reply, we will fulfill your order with your second preference, so forth and so on.

If we do not hear back from you by the EOB November 11th, your order will be fulfilled with the iPod Shuffle. This offer is for a limited time only and is non-negotiable.

Thank you for being a valued FreePay customer!

Karen Esterque

Internet Operations Assistant

Gratis Internet[/quotea8f9ad416e]

Needless to say I requested an ipod mini and got it in the mail on friday! Thanks gratis, this was a nice bonus!

If you're close on freeipodshuffles I guess now is the time to finish the site off!


12-11-2005 22:37:35

Wow you got really lucky! Good job!

...still working on my Nano. (


12-11-2005 23:41:40

good stuff. my nano is on the way.. now what to do with it?


12-11-2005 23:48:10

Congrats! lol


13-11-2005 10:00:16

dammm that's worth it


13-11-2005 10:32:09

i need to start going for that


13-11-2005 13:24:38

damn, sucks when you did the site already. Shuffles are useless.