What the hell is up with the Curb your Cravings offer?

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11-11-2005 09:13:33

Seriously man....this offer takes the WORST amount of time to credit. I had to submit for a manual credit after 15 days when I was trying to green for someone, and now someone who did that offer for me still hasn't gone green and it's been 10 business days now. What the hell?


11-11-2005 09:29:57

I actually never got credit for that offer, though it was at an OC site. On top of that, I'm still a tub of lard.

One of my refs now did it about 10 days ago. I agree that it's not the quickest to credit.


11-11-2005 10:23:22

dammit. I just signed up for that one too. my friend said he wore the patches and he was still hungry. I'm gonna try wearing a weeks worth in one day.....jk

[quote5442790222]Get a 1-week supply for free and pay only $6.95 for shipping and handling. You will receive credit in 2-3 days.[/quote5442790222]

that's the quote from freepay that pops up.