How long does it usually take from approval to arrival

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10-11-2005 11:10:49

For ipod nanos I got approved and ordered on monday how long does it take to get shipped? and what shipping service does freepay use?


10-11-2005 12:14:10

From what I have read, it is like 4-6 weeks for approval-STV-Shipped (but that can vary according to people's experiences.)

For shipping, Freepay uses DHL.

Someone clarify the Approval - STV - Shipped time periods.


10-11-2005 12:46:44

Our benchmark is 30 days.

Sometimes it takes longer (when supplies are tight).

Sometimes, it takes less time.


11-11-2005 06:39:46

Approval always takes a bit of time for me. But after approved I usually have the item in my hands in about 3 days, dunno if thats the norm or I am just lucky. Probably makes up for the fact that my offers for sites always take much longer to green then those that my friends and family do for the exact same site.


11-11-2005 07:21:08

38 days so far for me (, still not STV yet either.

Edit NM STV today


11-11-2005 08:52:55

i got my nano today, and went approved on the 7th.


11-11-2005 19:57:12

got my nano 6 days after appoval