Processing -> STV -> PROCESSING!?!?!?!?!

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08-11-2005 21:13:44

I went from processing yesturday to stv this morning and now tonight I am processing again. Has this ever happened to anyone else?


08-11-2005 21:59:47

Have you cleared your cache and checked again? This might be related to the problem where people are being asked and reasked to do things...

I hope it works out for you...btu as long as you cleared approval then you are fine right? You'll get it eventually...


09-11-2005 07:47:49

Tried that, Still Im back at processing. cry


09-11-2005 10:37:23

i thought it was odd that you went stv so quickly after that huge ass delay freepay made everyone go through. Probably just a mistake a freepay employee made that they corrected today D


09-11-2005 10:59:10

But it shouldn't be a mistake...I went STV about the same time bspence did, yesterday morning, and I'm still at STV right now.


09-11-2005 11:01:28

But you are in Florida and bspence is in Canada...everything goes a lot slower up probably realized that he is in B.C. and their vendor there doesn't have the Video iPod available yet...

but of course this is all speculation...maybe Jake could shed some light on the matter...


09-11-2005 11:11:52

Ooo that's right |
I just figured since he was in that batch of us that all got approved Monday his Processing and STV would be the same. My mistake )


09-11-2005 15:06:02

I asked customer service why it switched back and they didnt even answer my question.. they said

[quote7321911ec4]Your order status is pending. Which means we are working on processing your order. This usually takes 3 to 5 business days, but can take more time due to high volume or account verification. Thank you[/quote7321911ec4]