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08-11-2005 05:24:23

Let me tell you about a completely legitimate way to get free electronics! Just keep reading, doesn't cost you anything to read!

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It's been featured on


First off, let me say this. I was super skeptical at first too.

It really is true, it's all marketting. Companies are willing to give away FREE PRODUCTS just to get you and your friends to LOOK AT THEIR WEBSITES and test their products. They hope you'll stay with them, but you don't have to at all.

This is how it works

You sign up and complete an offer, then get friends to sign up and complete an offer, then you get your gift. It's that simple. The hard part is convincing friends it's real, haha.

"To all the skeptics out there I say, if you want something for free, you WILL get it"

Genadi Enchev of Mahwah


My story

I live in Canada, so I completed an offer for a $25.00 Candian Tire gift certificate. I sign up for $1.00 - they sent me the membership materials, I cancelled within the month - that's it, no charges. 5 friends do the same, I got a FREE IPOD!


Then I signed up to Columbia House DVD, to get my free Digital Camera. That will cost me about $80.00 over 2 years. But ask yourself this? Is $80.00 worth 9 DVDS and the FREE $500.00 Digital Camera? I think so! I got a Digital Camera & 7 DVDS for $45.00

Now all I need is some people to sign up under me so I can the other stuff.

lililiyou're an american, you have even MORE options for completing FREE and $1.00 offers and getting a wider variety of GIFTS.

Click this link for MORE Video of News Coverage

You can then make the educated decision.

Good luck and enjoy your free electronics.

http// roll


08-11-2005 05:30:40

OK! I signed up and went green isntantly!!!! Thanks, I cant wait to get my free electronics!!!!


08-11-2005 06:13:04


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