Holy sweet mother of fuck!

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07-11-2005 09:02:28

After a rather dissapointing wait, I'm appppppppppproved!!!
Holy shit, I love you freepay )

(If anyone is wondering, this is my first freepay gift)

My mom let me check my email on her computer this morning when I stopped by (becuase my computer is still fried () and I decided to check the nanos site...

I'M APPROVED! I'm sorry I had any doubts, <3 to freepay.

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To protect privacy of users.


07-11-2005 09:05:33

Oh, and I get a T-Shirt )

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For the user's safety.


07-11-2005 09:06:41

i didnt get a shirt (


07-11-2005 09:07:02

Processing now... golly its exciting =P


07-11-2005 09:08:23

now that i got your address, i can sign you up for bunch of midget porn


07-11-2005 09:47:17

yay midget porn!!!! and yea.... you may want to remove your phone number and address.


07-11-2005 09:58:27

You forgot to give us your Order # with all the other info.


07-11-2005 09:58:59

rofl I am calling you now JK


07-11-2005 10:04:55

I'm going to start sending you junk mail now. P

Enjoy your Nano! )


07-11-2005 10:06:38

LOL @ Jake chiming in!

Bad move posting all your info though dude. Don't be surprised if your nano mysteriously never arrives...I'm sure the vultures will be waiting when its delivered.


07-11-2005 11:55:31

Seems like we have a new mod in teh forums? ?


07-11-2005 12:11:52

An old mod, actually. Rare appearences by Jake and PF, yay )
Thanks for the mod edit, fyi that info is all avalible in a whois of any of my domains but its all good.


Thanks freepay!


07-11-2005 12:24:10

god speed goofy


07-11-2005 12:43:22

You were my last green bud, way to be )


07-11-2005 14:31:02

"Due to high demand for the iPod nanos, our suppliers are experiencing significant delays with fulfilling our iPod nano orders. Therefore, please expect a 4-6 week delay with receipt of your iPod nano. Thank you for your patience and understanding."



07-11-2005 15:14:15

[quote4bde3fd3a9="JUNIOR6886"]Seems like we have a new mod in teh forums? ?[/quote4bde3fd3a9]
Yeah I was a bit confused myself. hiya!


08-11-2005 04:52:38

[quote1778dcc754="goofygarber"]You were my last green bud, way to be )[/quote1778dcc754]

maybe some karma can be nice cry


08-11-2005 07:07:01

Karma++ )
Golly yay, STV! Not 7 days, but 24 hours!


08-11-2005 07:07:16

haha, you guys suck. After waiting a month for approval like you guys, yesterday I logged on to see that the Sports4Free admin had gone grey.


08-11-2005 09:47:40

[quote4c9292ad78="goofygarber"]Karma++ )
Golly yay, STV! Not 7 days, but 24 hours![/quote4c9292ad78]

Me too!!! D