New Offer - Real Audio

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04-11-2005 15:06:36

I am pretty sure that some of you already know this but there is a "New" promotional offer. It's for using "Real Superpass" (Real Audio Player) for a 14 day free trail. Credit Card is needed, but it is really easy to cancel.

I recall that this advertisment was up a few months ago, as I completed it. This is a great offer for those who feel a little skeptical about the whole "giving out credit card information to unknown companies" as I know most people use real audio in some form or another on their computer.

Just wanting to let you all know about this new offer.


04-11-2005 15:21:43

Its not new, its not exciting and you broke a rule. Why don't you read them and get back to me?


04-11-2005 17:30:12

lol roll


04-11-2005 17:31:23

I have read the rules, and how exactly did I break the rules? I just simply stated about a new offer that is avilable. I am from Canada, so yeah I only have 4 items listed, typically I have three. This is good news for all Canadians who are wanting to complete with out having to go to some online casino.


04-11-2005 17:35:43

We do not talk about any form of cancellation of offers. That's how you broke a rule.


04-11-2005 17:38:26

Doh! Oh Crap, I thought I did'nt type that in, I'm sorry. I'll go and edit the above post. Though the service of Real Audio is really good, news broadcasts, radio stations, etc... It's worth it if that's something you do.