i used a different email, does it matter?

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04-11-2005 12:30:16

ok i accidently used a different email address when i did the real superpass offer than the one i use for my ipods account

does it matter?


04-11-2005 14:31:46


Section 2(c) of the T&C

In order to receive proper credit for completing an offer, a user must use the same email account that he or she originally used for registering as a member at a Gratis Internet website. The user should also ensure that his or her browser settings are configured to accept all cookies and that he or she clicks on our exact offer link to be properly redirected to the offer providerís website.


04-11-2005 14:54:18

can i change my email address on my account?


04-11-2005 15:29:46

No, I would essentially right this offer as gone, and move on to another one that interests you.


04-11-2005 15:43:32

well i changed my email address anyways just hoping, i'm not done w/ the site yet so i have time to wait