Real Superpass offer

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04-11-2005 07:10:34

Real Superpass offer. how do i complete it?


04-11-2005 07:16:35

I just signed up and then downloaded the program. I installed it and signed on.


05-11-2005 08:28:59

what do you get in it? How much is it? I may try it, looks interesting

IF i already did Rhaosdy, does that mean i can't do Superpass?


05-11-2005 09:43:46

i just completed this offer...its free for a 14-day trial, signed up and was credited in like a day, very quick


05-11-2005 09:46:54

ITS GONE now -(


05-11-2005 10:16:23

it's still there


09-11-2005 10:50:59

Kind of offtopic, but my question is directed towards the Real offer.

It was there last week, but now it's gone. Do offers show up and disaapear randomly when you click the "complete an offer" tab, or does it show up for everyone and then get taken down for everyone as well. (ie. is it on a per person basis or network wide).


11-11-2005 23:08:28

I think per person cuz somtimes my friends look at there offer screen and they see like 3 different offers then what is on my offer screen at the same time.


12-11-2005 22:38:26

It's not there any more. (