Help me get my free iPod.

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02-11-2005 20:05:30

I know yall have been there and I need help in getting me free iPod my referral link is http//
and if you could all help me out i would be very gracious.


02-11-2005 20:14:17

heres a good tip. remove ur referral link before u get banned, and read the rules.


02-11-2005 20:14:33



02-11-2005 20:17:45

[quoted66e39e609="demon"]heres a good tip. remove ur referral link before u get banned, and read the rules.[/quoted66e39e609]

and that's coming out of someone with 0 TR and 0 karma too, lol

but yea, take that link off or see ya later ........... ?


02-11-2005 20:18:23

i love these guys.... roll


02-11-2005 20:19:29

yea, haha, and that's his FIRST post too, hahaha


02-11-2005 20:26:36

is he gonna listen or just keep ignoring?


02-11-2005 20:32:20

1st youre account will be placed on hold by the freepay rep in here
2nd you'll be banned from the forums
3rd you won't ever be able to sign up again for the only freebie site you can trust(except for approval time)

so take that ref link down fast


03-11-2005 19:56:38

banned lol
the rules i simple
everyone follows them all goes well


03-11-2005 20:58:21

what is sad is the newbie will not know what he did was wrong, because when he enters the site again, he won't see this thread if i'm correct.

I mean, it takes a while for a newbie to get to know the rules of a forum