Anyone ever do Shopping4money?

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02-11-2005 09:39:19

Hey I was looking under freegamingsystems and noticed a new offer called shopping4money. It's only $1 and says you get credited 2-3 days.

I'm wondering if anyone has done this offer or knows anything about it.


02-11-2005 10:58:58

I also am curious, might give it a try.


02-11-2005 11:02:33

It's one of the many Paycom sites. I did it for freeipodfrenzy and am still waiting on credit.


02-11-2005 11:03:45

approximately how long have you been waiting for credit?


02-11-2005 12:01:01

I just did it.


02-11-2005 12:08:12

i did it on another site and it credits within 2-3 days, not bad, though watch out....


02-11-2005 12:32:40

Watch out for boogy man?


02-11-2005 12:35:14

i'm been burned by paycom a few times, they will charge you that $39.99 membership fee even if you cancel....... so a fair warning...
(and they don't reply to any emails either... ( )

but its a fast crediting offer.... i did get my credits though..


03-11-2005 03:44:16

I did this offer as the second offer on my Free Mini Macs. the first one didn't credit and when I got serious about the site, I did it. credited the next day for me. and I just got approved for my mini mac yesterday, after a mere 12 hour wait.

I love you, Gratis.


09-11-2005 19:33:11

This site took 10 days for me to get credit....


09-11-2005 19:38:15

I did it for another network. Credited next day...
the service sucks though. Notice that the site just gives links to other sites which in turn give links to other sites.... roll


11-11-2005 23:04:56

I did that offer like 3 days ago still no credit. I did it for


14-11-2005 07:32:50

Any update on this offer for the people who did this on freepay?

Blah...this offer changed from $1 to $5.95


14-11-2005 18:45:35

[quote6bd93a5dcb="manofice"]Any update on this offer for the people who did this on freepay?

Blah...this offer changed from $1 to $5.95[/quote6bd93a5dcb]

yeah, and the trial says it's a one day trial for $5.95. When signing up it only gives you two options 1 day trial at $5.95 or one month at $39.95.


14-11-2005 19:20:02

I completed this one on pcs.freepay on 11/6, got credit on 11/16 - 10 full days. I wasn't that impressed with the service - basically a directory of links to other directories of liks.


14-11-2005 21:30:38

so it's not really a

Shopping4Money (US)
Sign up for a $1 trial membership with Shopping4Money. You will receive credit with in 2-3 days!

$1 trial? and the service isn't that good?


16-11-2005 13:20:32

I am thinking about doing this site but I don't know. Doesn't seem like a lot of people have done it nor is there a resounding objection/approval of the offer. I will probably do it for freedesktoppcs from freepay unless I find another offer to do. There aren't a lot of choices since I don't want another credit card. I was thinking Hoodia, any one do that one?


16-11-2005 15:25:15

i'm going to do hoodia in the near future. I just did the other weighloss patch, and it's not going so well. I didn't even get the sample yet and it's been 14 days.


16-11-2005 15:49:27

Which offer? Was that the curve one or whatever it is called?


17-11-2005 23:56:09

No, your thinkin about curve your cravings, hoodia is a new offer that just got added to alot of freepay sites, if not all.


18-11-2005 07:57:24

I'm waiting for them to add Crave your curvings.. lol


18-11-2005 08:29:23

Hoodia is through curb your cravings as well. there are a ton of products there. there's a wieghtloss patch and there's a "Hoodia" weightloss patch.(seperate offers)

I decided not to do the hoodia after all. I did finally get my patches today, but still no credit. manual in 4 days.