Mini instead of Shuffle

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01-11-2005 15:53:32

My friend just completed freeshuffle. They gave him the option of receiving a mini instead of the shuffle, and they overnighted it to him.

Anyone heard how long this option will be available? I'm working on it now.

three referrals for a mini....not bad.


01-11-2005 16:44:12

probably till they run out of them. wouldn't expect it for too long


09-11-2005 08:00:52

Anyone know if they are still offering this?


09-11-2005 13:23:54

[quote1a2a41d121="ch3d"]Anyone know if they are still offering this?[/quote1a2a41d121]PM jake


11-11-2005 21:49:58

I just did the shuffle under a week ago and no option...1Gb shuffle only...sold it on eBay ) ...shuffle's worth more anyways.


14-11-2005 08:25:18

You got ripped, Crosswire. I was told that this is still offered. I've had 3 yellows for a GD month!!!!!


14-11-2005 08:43:38

That's awsome, but who wants to do ipodshuffle for me?


14-11-2005 09:37:37

That would be so cool! I am going to try to get all my refs asap!


14-11-2005 12:49:56

It was an option in a drop down menu, or did you have to file some support ticket/email/PM to get the mini? Also, were you given choice of color?


14-11-2005 15:23:42

Great questions, thats what i want to know.


15-11-2005 11:16:32

I would do the support ticket.

My buddy that did it, simply received an email telling him to rank his choices of color and they would send him what was available. They actually ovenighted it to him.

I pm'd jake to ask if it was still on and he said it was....that was last week. I've had 3 fkn yellows for 3 weeks.

all three of mine are gonna have to manual /


16-11-2005 08:08:53

so no more? boo...


16-11-2005 10:29:15

I posted this here last week


I included a copy of the e-mail I got from gratis. You get the mini by replying to their e-mail wiht the choices.