What if the trial expires before I get credited?

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30-10-2005 19:12:02

As you know, it sometimes takes a while to get credited with FreePay. I did the Video Professor Online trial which lasts for 5 days but it's expiring soon and I haven't gotten credit yet. I'm under the impression that they'll bill me right after it expires, so I'll need to cancel it before that happens. But if I cancel, will I still get credited?


30-10-2005 19:49:36

Absolutely. You do the offer, you give it a fair shake, and you cancel before the trial ends then you will receive the credit. Just save your emails from Video Professor that say you signed up. It can take up to 15 days for you to get credited (even though it's supposed to be "instant"). It came through for 2 or 3 of my referrals after about 2 full weeks.

But you are right to get annoyed by the delays, I imagine the only people more frustrated by them are the FreePay staff. Let's just hope they hire more help so they can get caught up again (and get my iPod to me before I have to leave the dorm for winter break).


30-10-2005 20:11:09


First of all, we do not talk about cancellation of offers in this forum

Second, welcome to the boards.

As for your question, some offers do credit even if you don't like their service and get rid of it. However, some offers ask you to remain a member to receive credit. You are also supposed to try out offers you're interested in trying out, not just using to get credit for. If you were really interested in the offer but did not like the service and don't get credited in 15 days, you can submit a credit request.