Viewing Completed Offers?

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30-10-2005 17:01:37

I just started doing freeipods and when I click on status it says that I have not completed my offer. I would like to see the progress of the people that I have referred to my site. Is there a way to do this before completing an offer myself? Thanks.


30-10-2005 18:24:14

On the status page, below that, it should show your referrals and their status on completing their offer.

Yellow= They registered under you but have not complete an offer
Green= They have completed an offer
Grey/Red= They did something wrong...


31-10-2005 16:20:33

On the Status page it's going to say you haven't completed an offer until you finally get credit for the offer. It can take up to 15 business days to get credited (or however long it takes you to furfill the terms of the agreeement). ie If you sign up for a credit card that says you have to be approved, activate the card, and make a purchase you'll have to do all of that and still wait a few days to get credited. As a rule of thumb, everything to do with the site will take a few days to happen. It can get pretty frustrating, but you might wait 3 weeks to get credit from each of your referral, then you request approval of your account. Approval is supposed to take about a week, but since they're behind schedule some people are saying it takes up to a full month for processing. Then (as I understand it - since I haven't gotten this far yet) your account status goes to "processing" which can take a day, a week, or even longer. Next your account status will be "Sent to Vendor" (STV) and finally Shipped. Waiting is the hardest part.