Signed up under wrong referral

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29-10-2005 13:47:09

I had sent a referral to one of my friends. He clicked on the link - but it signed him into someone elses account. He then logged out and then created an account for himself.

Only problem is that now I don't get him as a referral, even though thats what he had intended to do.

Anyone with experience in this, should I just move on and find ANOTHER person?

He already sent a message to customer service - but no response yet.

thanks in advance


29-10-2005 14:25:24

You're SOL for a couple reasons.

1 - he was logged into someone else's account, then created himself an account on the same computer. This means 2 accounts on the same IP, so he'll probably be put on hold.

2 - the obvious - he's not signed up under you and it's highly unlikely this will change.

You may be able to get through to a nice Freepay rep (Jake?) who will be willing to delete your friend's account and let him sign up again. Just make sure he does so on a computer that hasn't been used to sign up to the site already...


29-10-2005 14:58:40


No just kidding.... That sucks.


29-10-2005 16:00:14

Maybe you could ask freepay about this. They may be ok with it


29-10-2005 18:18:31

[quote934b251dbf="Gim"]Maybe you could ask freepay about this. They may be ok with it[/quote934b251dbf]

i agree explain your situation to freepay
but still that sucks alot