Gateway Laptop Gone???

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27-10-2005 19:05:39

For those of you who are still working on pcs.freepay and were going for the gateway nx200s laptop, is it still available as one of your choices? I was approved on desktoppcs yesterday and ordered the gateway laptop but a few hours later i logged on and noticed it was no longer an option on the site. On my order detail page it just shows a red x where the picture of the laptop should be. I dont know if my order for that computer will still go through or not. Have any of you found out what the situation is with the gateways?


27-10-2005 19:17:05

Fantastic.... (

By the way, I know I'm not the first to say it, but that's one great avatar. )


27-10-2005 20:31:07

lol thanks


27-10-2005 20:59:31

Yeah it's gone for me also.

I placed my order for the Cyberpower on Tuesday and it was there shrug


27-10-2005 21:56:36

weird....i sent in a support ticket with no response yet. I PM'd jake regarding this and he kinda avoided the question when he replied. I dont know whats going on!


27-10-2005 23:31:17

might be outta stock and no longer shippin it, just a case of terrible luck, join the club and pick something new.


28-10-2005 11:26:34

hmmm ... what kind of laptops are left ..becasue im working on this site


28-10-2005 12:29:03

The Acer and Compaq laptops are all thats left. I got a response to my support ticket and FreePay said i could still get the Gateway since i placed the order before they took it off the site.


28-10-2005 12:47:13

Did they say why they took it off?


28-10-2005 14:13:18

nope, i didnt ask though. Who knows


29-10-2005 00:22:07

lol i'm NOT the only one then!!! i placed my order on the 26th and got the 'x' next day and was about to send a support ticket about my current order when i saw this...

http/" alt=""/[/img9573b61c3f]

which i guess shows me that i'm still getting the thing... AND i just got my W9 form in the email yesterday so all's good so far.