help w/ support ticket

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26-10-2005 16:47:55

ive havent gotten credit for my real rhaphsody offer which i completed oct 4
ive gotten a confirmation email from the offer yet not green
then when i tried to send in a support ticket, i followed all the steps until
i got this box that says "still have a question?" and when i put info in there
such as approx date of completion and the offer name as a piece of the
email that they sent me

when i click send it says in red
"NOTE Please give us a brief description of your inquiry in the 'Question' field.
Please select an Offer Type.
Please enter the approximate date of completion."

should there be some type of selection thing for this? or howd i send the ticket


26-10-2005 17:13:37

Copy and paste the confirmation email (including headers) from Real Rhapsody into the support ticket. I had to do that to get credit for the same offer.


26-10-2005 17:18:38

still not working....which part is the header


26-10-2005 18:46:36

The TO and FROM email addresses and teh SUBJECT line.


27-10-2005 07:31:04

Use IE 6.0 to open your ticket and you should see it work fine.