Selling accounts?

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25-10-2005 20:20:43

Hi all,
I have an account with two greens and my offercompleted what I was. I would rather work a little more and buy the thing than go through the freebie proccess. Anyway what I'm wonding is can I sell my half complete accoun't?


25-10-2005 21:24:14

I'm pretty sure that's not allowed


26-10-2005 00:31:07

People have done it though. I'm not certain if it's a "no-no" now or not.


26-10-2005 01:18:05

The way Jake conveyed it basically said no. I've asked this question before.


26-10-2005 03:12:35

Ah, ok, good to know.


26-10-2005 06:34:08

Just buy the last few referrals, get the item, and ebay it.


26-10-2005 09:59:28

I had one 50+ member con me and I had to file a claim with paypal to get my money back from him. and 3 people back out even with me paying 30 dollars a ref bummer.

If I had someone get the last refs and then after freepay sends it to me I'll send it to them. Is this a ok way to do this?


26-10-2005 17:32:43

What I was suggesting is against the TOS I read them carfully a couple times and it deffinetly doesn't say anything against selling accounts.


26-10-2005 20:59:51

i think its against rules i maybe wrong ask Jake lol