Is Freepay down?

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25-10-2005 13:40:29

I am a member of 5 of the the Freepay sites and about a week and a half ago all activity has stopped on my accounts. No new referrals, no going green. I have a webpage set up with my referrals links and I have about 600 visits a week, so I know that at least 1 person should have signed up. Also none of my accounts are on hold, that I know of.

I have tried to contact Freepay through the help system, but all I get are canned responses about how their system tracks referrals. I already know that! I have referred about 50 people so far. And I completed an offer on the Gaming System website 20 days ago and still haven't gotten credit.

Has anyone else noticed a lack of updating of their accounts or is this just me?

I am new to this forum so maybe I should PM the Freepay representative?


26-10-2005 10:39:41

PM me with your email and I'll see what is going on.


26-10-2005 11:28:52

Well, all is well now, things started moving again. Did anyone else experience a lag of sorts or was it just me?


26-10-2005 11:35:39

are sure your visitors have completed offers or there juss signing up and going yellow ..