Become a Star offer

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24-10-2005 18:40:22

What are the details for this offer?

Do you actually get to appear in a movie?

How long does it take to you have to stay as a member...???


25-10-2005 10:20:57

sounds interesting. not concerned about getting casted but sayd INSTANT CREDIT. have not recieved credit for my connection entrtainment service yet, so might go in for this one.


25-10-2005 11:52:22

I'm interested in this offer as well. I want to know if it is really instant credit. The one person who rated it on said he got it instantly on 10/22/05.

Also from what I've read about it in another thread is that it is actually a 4-day trial not a 14-day trial. It also says in the terms and conditions that it is 4-day not 14-day.


25-10-2005 12:39:11

It is Instant. Did it the other day on freegamingsystems.


24-02-2006 19:14:23

i dont want to make another thread on this, but how is this offer????

good service, i'm kinda interested in becoming an actor, any actor, except porn.....well........ya no porn for me D


24-02-2006 19:17:29

no god no dont signup for instantcast, search for instantcast and all you will find is their scamming and stuff check out


24-02-2006 19:18:33

its true. They will charge you large amounts of money during your trial.


24-02-2006 19:19:05

here's a huge thread on it. Read up http//