Anyone ever get sucha messge?

Live forum:


24-10-2005 10:23:03

[quote4659b15bb8]Your account has been credited on 10/17/2005 41700 PM. If you do not see the credit immediately, do not fret, sometimes there is a delay in manual credits as well. Rest assured, you will see the credit appear on your account on 10/24/2005 at 41700 PM Thank you[/quote4659b15bb8]

I'm just impatient. Another 3 hours! I just got my fifth green on ipodnanos.freepay.


24-10-2005 10:34:37

It means you got credit for your offer. And I havent got a message like that, but i've heard of others getting one similar.


24-10-2005 10:40:52

Yeah, but my credit doesn't show. So I can't request approval.


24-10-2005 11:51:39

i havent seen that message yet i need to do an offer for my premuim ipod soon because i got all my 8 greens


24-10-2005 14:26:50

Well, they credited me. After the promised 417, but still.