future of ipod shuffles...

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21-10-2005 22:09:48

does anyone know if there is going to be a new ipod shuffle coming out soon or is the nano the replacement for it?


21-10-2005 22:52:34

I have a feeling the Nano will replace them altogether leaving the iPod and iPod Nano on the iPod market

better get on board for those shuffles while they last


21-10-2005 23:47:05

the shuffles are lightweight and easy to use
but mine broke i need to go to the apple store (


21-10-2005 23:59:43

dont think they will update the shuffles anymore except maybe adding more memory.. 2GB? )


22-10-2005 08:09:15

I got one from freeipodshuffle and haven't sold it yet ( Walmart wouldn't accept it as they couldnt find the serial number. It sucks as I cant even sell it on ebay - I get lesser than the amount I paid for 3 referrals cry


22-10-2005 08:26:10

I think any music player is useless without a screen.


22-10-2005 09:52:37

sigh... kids these days are used to MP3 players and all this fancy shit... When I was a kid, all we had was Tape Players (then portable CD players later on, but those were expensive!)


22-10-2005 14:04:48

[quote3675ad8e98="shortys408"]I think any music player is useless without a screen.[/quote3675ad8e98]real talk


22-10-2005 14:36:56

its still really nice to have around but i agree its kind of hard to use it without a screen