Need some Info on how this works

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21-10-2005 13:14:29

I was recently put on hold. I was just curious if being put on hold means that you definately will not get the ipod? If you can still get it I wanted to know how long it takes to get off hold? My story is just that I made another account like a year ago just to check how it all worked. I wanted to see how the referal things worked. I never completed an offer or did anything with it and it wasnt even a real email address, I just wanted to see how things worked. I went through all the procedures like pm jake and told the cutomer service. I was just curious who else has been on hold and have gotten out of it eventually.


21-10-2005 13:19:09

When you're on hold it doesn't mean you will definately not get your iPod, you can "appeal" their decision, by submitting a support ticket.

I made the same mistake on my freeipods account but got my iPod )


21-10-2005 13:49:41

ok thanks, that makes me feel better. One question about the ticket tho. Is that just going to help and clicking on info and typing in that box?