starclub trial changed from 30 to 3 days, freepay desc unchn

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21-10-2005 09:51:52


Sorry if someone already pointed this out. Just wanted to let people know that the starclub reward on the freepay sites was changed from a 30 day trial to a 3 day trial. I called starclub and they confirmed that.

(I got confused because I signed up for it and wanted to make sure I had enough time to evaluate the service.) Want to make sure no one else gets confused.


21-10-2005 10:15:08

holy shit, but i signed up yesterday and it said 30?
great pickup


21-10-2005 11:07:30

Yup, ++ karma for the catch.


21-10-2005 13:25:32

Its fast-crediting though. I had 4 instant greens in the last 2 days and 2 of my friends went green even before they got a confirmation from them. Awesome!


21-10-2005 13:51:15

so even if when i signed up it said 30, its really 3?

EDIT i just talked to starclubrewards and they said i have 30 days