free360xBox Approval Time

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19-10-2005 19:07:46

I know this has been probably brought up already, but what is the average time for account approvals lately on free360xbox. I know mine has been close to 14 business days.


19-10-2005 19:50:38

I just requested approval today, but another user i talked to has been waiting about 8 days so far. In the past i think i have seen gratis (freepay) do a sort of mass approval. Alot of people will be waiting then next thing you know they all get approved at once it seems like. Maybe that will be the case and hopefully it will be soon. Sorry i couldnt offer you any insight as to when you can expect to be approved since like i said, i just requested it today for my account. Good luck though


20-10-2005 01:31:16

someone told me it took them 4 days to approve.. im still need a green to meet my requirements


20-10-2005 11:26:44

i got approved in 2 minutes, no joke

maybe i was just lucky


20-10-2005 11:54:30

i'm still trying to get greens im working on 1 site at a time lol


20-10-2005 13:02:28

it has been 9 days since i request approval, thats 9 business days, i just want to get approved so i can brag about getting a free one, i cant technacally do that until i am approved.


20-10-2005 13:27:39

it took me one day in back in june but i know that freepay is backed up right now with the new nano, and video ipod. Also they recently opened up in Germany this is why they are so slow right...they will catch up.


20-10-2005 13:48:41

dang them germans and their sasuage )


21-10-2005 16:26:23

i just requested today... hopefully it doesnt take me a month or I might not get my xbox in time lol


21-10-2005 20:23:42

Ya, I requested 2 days ago...waiting patiently.


25-10-2005 07:23:57

Is everyone still waiting?


25-10-2005 12:05:19

its been 12 days for me, counting today (