Is it okay if...

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19-10-2005 13:29:22

Someone says they've done the site (ie signed up for it before) but never completed the offer and got no refs? Can they then just use a different email to sign up for you and ignore + never complete their previous account?


19-10-2005 13:31:11

Well, what i believe it right is that aslong as the other account has no referrals or offer complete then as long as you leave it and don't touch it again it is ok.


19-10-2005 13:45:33

Thanks, good to know. Would be fantastic to get some more views, and hopefully the official response.

Actually, also, separate but entirely similar issue - I signed up for a site before it was available to my country just to see what it'd be like. Once they'd made it available here a year later I forgot, and signed up with my new email address. So I'd hope that's not held against me either.


20-10-2005 01:33:36

Ask them to put the one you don't want to use on hold.. A support ticket does wonders.