got a question about support

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18-10-2005 13:25:12

does it usually take more than a day to get a response from support. i submitted a ticket thing early yesterday, the day's almost over today and still nothing.

also u know that little mail icon that's there when u have no new mail, well it dissapered making me think i had new mail, i didn't.


im some1's last referral do u think that why they could not wanna pay atenion to me?


18-10-2005 13:26:26

Well if you typed in the support ticket in the same fashion you just did here I doubt they could even read it!


18-10-2005 15:14:42

Some of the mail you submit is sent to a Gratis Based computer on which it answers automatically while others go to a real person like me and you. It all depends on the fashion you get to the support ticket. If you keep getting mail, it's not a big deal. I get the same thing even though the mail is old. Hope this helped!