Offer completion problem.

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18-10-2005 11:23:22

I received credit the day I did the offer for Real Rhapsody. On the complete offer page it has said I completed the offer for the past two weeks. Now all of a sudden today it is asking me to do an offer again. I am still a Real Rhapsody subscriber and it is a great service. I put in for approval last week and I don't want this to somehow make me getting the nano take longer. Does anyone know if this should be a problem?


18-10-2005 11:52:25

You might want to PM Jake and ask if he can take a look for you.


18-10-2005 12:20:05

I sent him a PM, hopefully this all gets worked out!


18-10-2005 12:31:36

iPod - Recieved (and now stolen) lol...